Link Roundup 9/19/2013 – Video Game Edition

Lots of gaming Links!

The power of failure in creating The Last Of Us. An interesting and inspirational look at the game, its themes, and how it came about over a long period.  Worth reading for gaming and media pros.

Speaking of failure, here’s an insightful look at sexist problems in video games beyond the use of sleazy sex appeal.  There’s actually some rather interesting issues of infantilization I hadn’t thought of.  Also shame and wonder that more and more we here at MuseHack to to Cracked for insight.  Food for thought for game developers and culture commentators.

The Tokyo Gameshow is in decline, and there’s a huge chasm in titles and representation that is part of a larger game industry change.  Maybe Cracked has some thoughts.

Amazon is working on it’s game console and his going to go full ecosystem – they’re courting developers and moving forward.  What intrigues me (beyond the level of awareness) is that they’re really more competing with the X-Box.  Might need to watch out for them, developers . .

Speaking of alternate consoles, Ouya is changing it’s rules on free games and development.  I’ll say . . . they didn’t do as well as I expected.  And I had low expectations.

Small, obscure title Grand Theft Auto V manages to net $800 million dollars.  Remember, game, not movie, and people will spend more time with this game.  Of course games-as-causing-violence is back in the news at about the same time – and the fact that torture is part of the game is not going over well.

– Steven Savage