Frustration Friday: The Next Bad Thing!

I want to talk about the next Dumb Idea.

Why do I want to do this? Because I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about the Next Big Thing.  It's always coming, it's always here – and it will always be forgotten in the next few months.  In many cases it wasn't the next big thing anyway, but of course the various pundits, experts, and bloggers (guilty, here . . .) go on to look for the Next Big thing even when they got the last one wrong.

iPad.  DLC. Mahwa.  Whatever.  I keep hearing what's absolutely going to rock my socks off in the geekonomy.

So I'd like a change of pace – I'd like people to start discussing the incredibly stupid ideas that are going to go down in flames.

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Go Farther: The next (big?) thing

Hoping to be the next JK Rowling, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Gary Gygax, etc.?

I'm concerned in the wake of Harry Potter, and to a lesser extent Twilight, there's going to be efforts to duplicate the success of the same – with dismal results.  I already see people accused of being derivative of Stephanie Myer when they clearly weren't.  I see a lot of imitators of the above people, and little of the passion.

So what are people waiting for?  What's the next big thing (or small thing that feels big)  What does it need?

Synergy.  Three kinds in fact.

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