Facebook Fallout, Alarmism, and You

Yeah, you probably saw that Paul Graham of Y Combinator is predicting dismal times for startups.  That is, until you read the content, and realize he’s simply noting that Facebook’s IPO decline could be bad for some startups and mean they have to focus differently.

Of course his rather rational statements (based indeed, on limited knowledge) are making headlines without being actually, well, discussed.

So first of all, I’d say it’s not a question of people being leery of startups, but more being more cautious with their VC.  Fine.  They should be and have been.  This is a given and was probably going to happen anyway – I’d rather it happen after an IPO drop then some huge, insane, bubble.

Secondly, yes, startups shouldn’t do stupid stuff with money.  That’s a really good thing to bring up, and it’s been said for about 13 years.  Many have listened.

No, the Facebook IPO is not the doom of Silicon Valley, or your career, or anything else.  Graham is making the point that caution is a watchword.  That’s it.

Me, I say “good.”

Steven Savage