Facebook’s New Data Center Collides With Atmospheric Science

It rained inside a Facebook Data Center.

It was due to high humidity and a chiller-less air conditioning system coming together to produce a high concentration of irony and obvious cloud computing jokes.

Having worked in data centers before, I collect stories like this for use. ┬áIt’s a good reminder of things people never think of.

You have a favorite crazy technology story?

– Steve

Relocation and Those Unepected Things

As is obvious from this blog, I am a big advocate of "effective relocation."  As much as I encourage people to put down roots, it's necessary to find the right place to put your roots down in.  You can't be happy if you're not in the right place, so I encourage people to find that right place first.

Many years ago when I had to do a job search, I decided relocation was in the cards, and aimed to get a job in a place that was right for me.  I was happy when I got to relocate to the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area because it's a major geek and progeek area.  Besides Silicon Valley, there are only a handful of places that are even close to being so heavily geektastic.

However, despite being in one of the geekiest places on Earth, I found one thing affected me that I wanted to share.  This is not a major issue, but is a good example of those little things you never expect when you relocate.  It is, after all, those little things that sneak up on you because they are, well, so little.

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