Geeky Things to Do At Work

So now and then you want a way to let out your inner geek at work?  Here's a few suggestions to keep your sanity, geekry, and fannity (is that a word?).  Of course, use your own discretion, but otherwise, try these . . .

  1. Take screenshots of your favroite TV, move, or anime and make them into Motivators.
  2. Arrange the action figures on your desk so they're having a meeting.  Give them little flowcharts.
  3. Give yourself a title that fits your interest, such as "Sparkly Vampire Manager" or "Metroid Hunter." Put it on your cubicle or desk nameplate.
  4. Print out LOLs using your favorite characters and shows.  Hang them on the outside of your cube and change them to fit your mood.
  5. Decorate your cube/office with as many posters as allowable.
  6. Take a favorite quote from a show/film/anime/manga/book.  Get it printed out and framed in the fanciest way and frame possible.  Hang it up on a wall/in your cube and see how long it takes people to notice what it is.
  7. Use the action figures at your desk to hold office supplies.
  8. Create a book/DVD trade group at work to trade neat stuff.
  9. When you go to a convention, find amusing fun little collectables to get your co-workers.
  10. Have a viewing party or outing for any movie you want to see and convince co-workers to go.
  11. On Halloween, wear one of your cosplay outfits.
  12. If you use color coded charts for assignments, assign each person an appropriately color-coded sentai character, superhero, or pokemon on the chart for a laugh.
  13. In the books on your desk, mix in geeky stuff, manga, etc.  See who notices.
  14. Create an internal newsletter (or add to an existing one) for reviews of movies, books, etc.
  15. Get an appropriately fannish lunchbox.  Keep candy in it at your desk and chat with people when they come by for a snack.
  16. If you have to give people, computers, etc. code names, pick ones related to your fandom.
  17. Share your favorite shows/movies via Netflix connections.
  18. Make sure your screen background is something relevantly geeky.
  19. If you have a company mascot, get or make a figure of them.  Pose them with other action figures.
  20. Have an artist friend draw the company mascot in an appropriate style of fannishness – giant robot, anime style, Frazetta, bishounen, etc.  Have a poster made and put it at your desk.  Have copies on hand for others.
  21. Have everyone in your department who games share their gamercodes so people can play together.
  22. Have gaming nights held regularly for board, RP, or video games.
  23. When there are conventions or shows in the area, invite your co-workers.
  24. If you're helping with a convention, see if anyone from your job may want to speak there or see if your company wants to sponsor.
  25. If you play an MMO or similar game with customizable characters, try and design your co-workers in the game.  Print out screenshots for a laugh among those who'd get it.
  26. If you're a fan of things from a given country (anime from Japan, britcoms from Britain, etc.) bring food from the country of origin to parties at work.
  27. Rename your cubicle something appropriate to your fandom, such as "The Batcave" or "Bablyon 5" or "Gundam Central Command."
  28. Photoshop posters or book covers or screenshots to insert your co-workers and yourself for fun (as a Sentai Team, superhero team, etc.).  Put them in your cube or use them as humorous report covers.
  29. Share your favorite geeky websites with co-workers.

– Steven Savage