It’s not a job search . . .

A strange thing keeps coming up in my readings on employment – the fact a lot of people put surprisingly little time into finding some.  As in perhaps ten hours.

This is an alien idea to me, since my past job searches involved, on average, 30-50 hours of work a week, and at worst about 25 (and that was in a really slow economy).  Or in short, it was a full or part-time job for me.

I think it's a matter of concepts.  We're used to putting in a lot of time on the job, but without it, we can get sort of lost.

The way I put it now?  Don't view it as a job SEARCH, view it as a search JOB.

A job search is bascially over when you find employment.  Until you find employment, you're not done.  Except for weekends and some time off ("vacations"), keep at it.

If you find that you get all your search done within a short time, then there's few more things to do:
1) Locate more recruiters and talk to them.
2) Locate and try out more search sites.
3) Locate and target more specific companies.
4) Spend time networking with peple.
5) Go to events.
6) Get training.
7) Start your own business on the side (a friend of mine managed to turn a layoff into freedom this way and got a full-time business off the ground)

Don't fill up your time uselessly, but use it.  Do your best at your search job, and don't waste time.

– Steven Savage