Turn Yourself Around

Here's a little career exercise to try for yourself.

Get a good image of what you do for your job.  Now get a good image of what you do on your hobbies.

Now ask what your life would be like if you reversed them.  How could what you do on your job make an interesting hobby, and what would you be doing if you could do your hobbies as a job?

Think this over for a moment, then ask yourselves these questions:
1) How similar would your life be in such an inversion?  Why?
2) If your job is something you dislike, but you visualize it as a fun hobby, how can you take that to improve your job?
3) If your hobby was a job, do you see any flaws or unforeseen things you wouldn't like?

I enjoy this exercise as its very revealing, and sometimes surprising.  I rather like my job and its often similar to what I do in my hobbies – I can see how, under such an inversion, I'd rather miss aspects of my job and how they may make interesting pastimes.

Keep this in mind, see what you find.

– Steven Savage