Book Update 3/22/2010

Wow. The book has been out one week – though as I've been busy with many things I haven't done as much as I'd like with it.


  • I've submitted it for worldwide distribution via  I just have to approve it and was frankly waiting for a few people to look at their copies.
  • I actually had some people buy copies already.  That felt pretty good.
  • I gave a few away to people who have been supportive, and one as a prize at Chibi-con.


  •'s printing works good in multiples, though in a bulk order I placed, one had some odd detritus on the back cover.  I'm checking into a return.  It doesn't harm the book, but it's annoying.  However it is probably a case of "stuff happens."
  •'s bulk printing is also shockingly FAST.  It came as fast as single printing.
  • The global distribution option at is pretty easy – but it does cost $70.00 so it's not free.  However, you do get a lot of opportunities – you end up on, other sites, etc.  It will take me a few more weeks to end up there.
  • People take you incredibly seriously when you have a book out, even self-published.
  • There is something very heady about finishing a book.  I want to rest, but I have some others I want to start . . .

So it's done.  Now to move on and do some promotion.

Oh, and feel free to buy the book.

– Steven Savage