Steve’s Update 6/26/2022

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“Think Agile, Write Better”: Writing away despite interruptions, and it’s looking really good – though I need more uninterrupted time. There’s a tone and style shift to make it “usefulness dense, language light” so it’s an informative but breezy read.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Interruptions set me back a week or so, so I’m going to try to launch the July 4th weekend or the one after. I think I have a way to be able to activate the old site if it fails, so I’m pretty confident.

The Way With Worlds series: As note on hold until Q3 or so. Misinfo, Disinfo, and Propaganda is still selling great, which suggests it was timely.

The Compendium of Writing Advice: This keeps getting kicked down the list because of everything. Its still in my plans, but let me clear out Sanctum, get further on the Agile book, and deal with less problems.

Plus there are giveaways!

Steven Savage

Weekly Update 5/8/2013

Sorry there, a bit behind on the updates!  So where are we?

Well first, “Epic Resume Go!” is just being formatted now, and it’s looking good.  In fact, I decided to rewrite my own resume start-to-finish to try out the techniques as I wrote them down – and it worked good.  It’s always a pain to write down advice because you might miss something – so you have to try it out with a fresh viewpoint.

So I hope to get it out this weekend!  Stay tuned!

When it launches, I’ll also be adding direct resume coaching to my services.  I have done it a bit here and there, but really wanted to codify my techniques before coaching people, beyond a few select friends and volunteers.

As noted I have a side project coming up that I’ll discuss more in detail.  Let’s say I’ll be revisiting a few things . . .

Also there will be, as noted, an expansion and improvement to Fan To Pro.  That’ll probably be early June at this rate, and I think you’ll really like what you see.

Regarding Seventh Sanctum, I just got Way With Worlds restored – sorry I forgot that folks.  I’m wondering if that might be worth a rewrite along with the site . . . which I plan to get to end of June/start of July.


Also, I’d note that Serdar and I are still in a multiblog dialogue you probably want to read and participate in.  Frankly, I want to keep encouraging people to participate and post on their blogs, really build a dialogue.

– Steven Savage

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And The Books Are Out!

And here we go, TWO more books on geeky and fannish careerdom!

  • Convention Career Connection!  This is my guide to creating career events at cons, based on my analyses, experiences, and previous work.  It's a 5-step guide to creating career events!
  • Inhuman Resources, the best of my work in the second year of Fan To Pro.  This also includes my series on resumes, stereotype-fu, and career/interest intersections.

They're available in Print, ePub, PDF, and Kindle – so no matter how you read, there's a way to get the book!

Thanks to everyone who helped, and be sure to let everyone know about the books!

Steven Savage