Why I Wrote Convention Career Connection

So, Convention Career Connection is done and out.  It's interesting to look back on it and reflect on things.

So far the reaction to the book from people I've talked to has mostly been “hey, what a great idea!” I'm glad to see they're such a good reaction so far, and it drives home why I did this.

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And The Books Are Out!

And here we go, TWO more books on geeky and fannish careerdom!

  • Convention Career Connection!  This is my guide to creating career events at cons, based on my analyses, experiences, and previous work.  It's a 5-step guide to creating career events!
  • Inhuman Resources, the best of my work in the second year of Fan To Pro.  This also includes my series on resumes, stereotype-fu, and career/interest intersections.

They're available in Print, ePub, PDF, and Kindle – so no matter how you read, there's a way to get the book!

Thanks to everyone who helped, and be sure to let everyone know about the books!

Steven Savage