Promoting Professional Geekery #5: Join A Professional Association

Want to promote professional geekiness, shameless fan-to-pro enthusiasm?  Why not hook up with people that are kind of doing that very thing?

Go join a Professional Association.  We put together a huge list for you awhile ago.

Professional Associations are awesome:

  • You get to meet people like you.
  • You get access to all sorts of resources and information.
  • You may get backing on certifications or access to them.
  • You get access to all sorts of great events.
  • It looks great on a resume.

So a Professional Association essentially lets you turn up your love of your profession to eleven.  It's a place you can be yourself, indulge in what you like, and grow.

And it's a place to take your professional geekery up to eleven as well:

  • You can get involved in running the association, letting you provide leadership and promote the fan-to-pro ideal.
  • You can introduce your fellow geeks to the association and help them appreciate the intersection of "pro" and "geek"
  • You can help the association reach out to geeks, fans, otaku, and similar communities.
  • You can write about your experiences for the association magazines, do presentations, or other forms of media creation to share your progeekery.

Me?  I've had a great time in my field – Project Management – at PMI, the PM professional organization..  I'm the guy who does video games and mobile tech, and gets to discuss interesting and weird stuff – and I have a blast.  I also help progeeks realize management may be a career for them.

It's worth it.

So go on, promote progeekery – Join Up!

Steven Savage