Promoting Professional Geekery #25: Reviews

We want to have a world with more fan-to-pro types, more professional geeks, more happy people doing what they like for money within certain legal and ethical boundaries.  Indeed we spend a lot of time trying to improve ourselves professionally … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #11: Career Track

Last week I suggested that, to help promote professional geekiness and the fan-to-pro idea, that you speak at a convention and share your knowledge (or at least horror stories).  OK, so far so good, maybe you're even doing that. So … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #10: Present At A Convention

OK folks, you want to share your professional fan stories with people and inspire them.  So let's ask – why aren't you at a convention spewing wisdom in every direction like a water sprinkler of knowledge? (And if your answer … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #4 – Putting It To Use

So you've figured out your personal brand as a professional geek. Now, how do you actually use it and communicate it? My philosophy of this is pretty simple – you have a core way to define yourself and refer to … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #3 – Kinds of Progeeks

Last column I discussed brainstorming techniques to help you come up with your "Progeek Personal Brand".  It was a case of self-examination and defining yourself with less and less words so you got a good handle on how you want … Continue reading