Promoting Professional Geekery #22: Talk To The Parents

If you're a progeek of any kind, it's likely that your parents kind of were worried about your career goals – if they even understand them.  If you were one of the people who had supportive parents who got your goals, you're quite fortunate – I think a changing world and economy makes the generation gaps worse at times.

So right now there's a lot of young future progeeks out there and maybe their parents need to know their children are on the right track, aren't going to starve, and can get some mentorship.  It's time for them to see professional geekery in action so they're fine with their little geeks growing up to make money at what they love.

That, by the way, is where you come in.  If you want to promote the fan-to-pro life, it's time to help out parents so they can guide their kids, not panic, or realize they may be doing things right.

  • If you have your own kids, well, hey, do a good job.  Nothing like being a role-model.
  • Help out your friends and family with children.  Be accessible to them for questions, offer to help with career advice, and don't be afraid to mention your success.  Be a resource.  Oh, and on Christmas and Birthday's remember those books, memberships, and programs that can be useful career tools to give a hint . . .
  • Do events at conventions.  I myself have experimented with a "for parents" event (that is still in revision) to help them "get" what their kids are up to.  If you do, say, anime or game conventions, there's probably a few parents needing something to do- captive audience.  Bring donuts.
  • Write.  Yes, you can blog like me, but also there might just be a book in it, a column, a post at a website, etc.  If you think you have the chops to help parents with their future progeeks, seek out the opportunity to share their wisdom.  Heck, talk to us here.
  • Get involved in education.  Your local schools, clubs, and more would probably love to have a professional come in and speak to kids and parents.  Also, you're probably free.
  • Share the resources.  There are books, websites, and more that are good career guides.  Get them out there.

Help out the next generation – by helping this generation see progeekery is a realistic goal and nothing to panic over.

Plus, if you have kids of your own,a  chance you'll land some babysitting partners . . . 

Steven Savage