Promoting Professional Geekery #9: Build a Site

(I've moved this series to Monday, since it's a way to encourage you for the week to come – and a good lead in before we know the news of the week).

Want to share your legacy and enthusiasm for professional geekery?  Start a web page.

Oh, I'm not talking a blog – though it may be part of it.  I'm talking a page that has and does something for people you want to reach, mentor, encourage, or just kick in the backside until they get their progeek on.

I'm talking a page that is a tool.  A page that does something.  A page that is basically an application or a library or something that lets people get something done.  Say . . .

  • Maybe an archival page filled with useful advice, lessons, diagrams, what have you for a given profession.
  • A blog/archive where people swap and record advice.
  • A useful interactive map of services, locations, clubs, etc.
  • A calculator, destination-finder, or planner of some kind.
  • Snippets of code, useful stuff, etc.
  • A "compiler" that combines several sites (social media, code archives, what have you) in one place for various projects, lessons, etc.
  • A site documenting a continual project – and it's continual educational benefits for progeeks.

Ask yourself what people need – and then build it.  Or team up with someone to build it.  You get the idea.

What do you get from it?

  • You get to create a unique service for people.
  • You get to make that service available.
  • You get to learn a lot from deploying it.
  • It can combine well with other projects – like speaking or writing.
  • It looks good on a  resume.

Making a site is easier than ever, from a repurposed blog to Joomla to template-driven creators.  Teamed up with (or being) a web developer and the sky's the limit.

Set your sights on a site and help share your professionally geeky wisdom and knowledge!

Steven Savage