The Value Of Stupid Stuff

Recently in my viewings of various anime, I came across "Oh! Edo Rocket", a show that borders on the inexplicable, as it's an anime based on a play based on a legend that is loaded with parody elements.  I vaguely described it as "Excel Saga with a continuing plot" but it's hard to explain it.

One theme touched on, especially later in the series, is that sometimes things can be inspiring but aren't necessarily "useful" or "even lasting."  Sometimes big useless, even stupid stuff is indeed a good thing.

Big, giant, useless, crazy stuff can inspire people.

Stupid blatant nutty things can shock people out of complacency.

Huge insane efforts can help you explore your limits and yourself.

It can also be fun, and we usually need more of that.

In short, yes, there is a value to giant, crazy efforts and huge silly, useless things.  This is true professionally and especially in progeekery; it's important to remember something may not have direct value, but is important nonetheless.

Oh and the big stupid, crazy stuff can be fun.

Go on and do that crazy piece of fanart that you will show only to ten souls because you'll make them happy, and because it will push you as an artist.

That crazy cosplay skit is going to make people laugh and might just let one of your friends indulge their interest in special effects crafting.

Doing a stupid Flash game and sharing it might just get you some professional attention.

Get you stupidly fun ideas out of your system so you can truly evaluate them – and enjoy yourself.  You'll have fun – and might find some idea, once expressed, is something you might use again.

Go on, your career and those of others needs more stupidity!  We're counting on you!

Steven Savage