The Rabbit Hole Of Stupid

You may be late for a very important date, but then something stupid on the internet appears and you become even more late.

The internet allows us to get all kinds of news, information, commentary, and of course, examples of blatant human ignorance and venality.  The latter can come in many forms: it could be ignorant comments on a news article, a story on an excessive idiocy, or an artifact of pure drivel.  Whatever form, it’s distracting.

When you see the stupid, you get curious.  You have to read the comment, then see how people respondent.

When you see the stupid, you have to find out more.  You click the link to read about the latest atrocity of human intellect.

When you see the stupid, you have to face the stupid.  You read an entire article manufactured from delusions and deliberate idiocy just to find out how bad it is.

Then, your time is gone.  It won’t be coming back.  The stupid grabbed your curiosity and absconded with your time, and you helped it.

Anyone can spend hours down the rabbit hole of stupid.  It’s intriguing, fascinating, horrifying, and you have to follow it.  Don’t think I’m immune, my natural curiosity has taken me to some dark places where idiocy shined brightest of all.

I’m not proposing a moratorium on avoiding dumb things; just we be more aware of how we’re easily distracted by them.  If you don’t think this is a problem, then remember you just spent how many minutes reading a blog post on how stupid things can be, so I may have just become part of the problem . . .

– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach.  He blogs on careers at, nerd and geek culture at, and does a site of creative tools at He can be reached at

The Value Of Stupid Stuff

Recently in my viewings of various anime, I came across "Oh! Edo Rocket", a show that borders on the inexplicable, as it's an anime based on a play based on a legend that is loaded with parody elements.  I vaguely described it as "Excel Saga with a continuing plot" but it's hard to explain it.

One theme touched on, especially later in the series, is that sometimes things can be inspiring but aren't necessarily "useful" or "even lasting."  Sometimes big useless, even stupid stuff is indeed a good thing.

Big, giant, useless, crazy stuff can inspire people.

Stupid blatant nutty things can shock people out of complacency.

Huge insane efforts can help you explore your limits and yourself.

It can also be fun, and we usually need more of that.

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Frustration Friday: EconoPolitics and Frustration

Ever want to talk about economic issues like jobs or banks or regulation and not get into politics?  You can't.

Economic issues are political issues because they deal with law and taxes and spending and everything else.  Political policy is economic policy and nothing you can say can change that because society really is an integrated whole, and people get pretty damn political about money.  You cannot separate economics and politics.

Now, if you think of that for a moment, are you surprised that we have tons of unemployed people, ruined economies, and general financial stupidity?

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