Steve’s Kill Your Cable Adventure

In late 2011/early 2012 Steve decided to see if he and his household could go without cable, and documented his experiences.  The roundup is below!

Kill Your Cable and Habit – The post that started it all, as Steve speculates if he really needs cable.

  1. The Device Experience And Discussion – Steve’s initial plans to try Killing Your Cable lead him to think over the technology and issues of the post-cable world.
  2. In-Depth Psychology and Stuff – Steve looks at the psychology of planning to – and trying to – Kill Your Cable.
  3. Oh, Wait – Steve finds Killing Your Cable requires you to rethink and evaluate a few things.
  4. Into The Abyss – With his roommate out, Steve tries going without cable and shares his findings.
  5. Finding The Off Switch – Steve and his roommate make the decision to kill their cable, and he reviews his findings.
  6. Not With A Bang, But A Spare $90 – Steve finally cuts the cord and finds there’s no revolution to be had.

Steven Savage