Promoting Professional Geekery #45: Write About Progeeks And Progeekery

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So you want to promote professional geekiness, to inspire, to help.  You’d like to write about it.  The only thing is you don’t have anything to write about.

You’re not a resume expert, you’re not a coach, you’re not really good at the whole advice thing.  Not everyone can do it, of course, but you know for sure that you really, are really BAD at this, or at least don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you just don’t have enough experience to be the expert.  You’re a new progeek, an up-and-comer, or something similar.  So what can you do?

You can write about us.

Not advise, not guide, write about us.  You don’t advise or help progeeks (since you’re not sure you’re capable of it).  What you do is help show what we do and who we are.

You can:

  1. Interview people who are progeeks (Hey, i suggested that you be interviewed, so turn the tables).
  2. Analyze and write about trends in jobs and progeekery.
  3. Profile who industries or career subgroups (it might even be a book).

You get the idea.  With a bit of effort, it’s easy to help people be progeeks and improve their progeekery by giving them information and making them more visible.  If you’re not a coach, you can be a reporter and analyst.

Best of all?  In time, you’ll start getting the knowledge and skills and experience that may let you go deeper and start coaching and advising . . .

– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach for professional and potentially professional geeks, fans, and otaku. He can be reached at