Steve’s Update 12/14/2014

No, I didn’t vanish – but work and the holidays are keeping me real busy.  So what’s going on?

At Muse Hack I did two columns on the question “is there a gap in hiring in IT” – if you work in IT you’ve heard the claim it’s hard to hire people.  In part one I examined the basic numbers and what they tell us, but then dived deeper into specifics and reached some surprising conclusions.  Short form, there’s probably a gap for senior people, it’s concealed due to certain factors – and we’re making it worse.  If you work in IT check it out – it’s very educational

Muse Hack is going to be, as noted, more personal, so I’m still getting it quite right.  I’ve got some more intense, deeper pieces, weekly links, and Way With Worlds as my focus.  Let’s see how it goes.

Another update to the Civic Geek Catalog today – after taking a break.  The more I do this the more I find I like resource gathering, so I may always have one of these “resource” projects in mind for cultivated geek stuff.

Starting to form my next book plans or two.  I’m debating geek citizenship, but i’m also thinking I should bundle up Epic Resume Go! and Quest For Employment with my other job advice columns for a definitive “Steve Talks Careers” book.

Otherwise, some new generator work at the Sanctum planned, you can read more at The Codex.

Thanks everyone, and if I don’t post before Christmas, Happy Holidays!



– Steven Savage

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