Update – Latest Generator!

Yes, if you’re over at Seventh Sanctum you know I’m working on a Reality Show Generator.  Here’s the latest update.

This one involved me doing more in-depth data analysis before building it.  In many cases (not all) I sort of dive into the generator and build as I analyze.  In this case I stepped back and broke the data down – something I usually only do for generators with more obvious patterns like the Magical Power Generator.

The results were:

  1. The breakdown was revealing.
  2. The breakdown was really boring to do after awhile.
  3. The breakdown worked and let me build the generator very fast.
  4. Once I started building the generator, I could make it “richer” in data, patterns, etc. very quickly.

Short form – doing an early, organized analysis of data for a generator pays off, but it’s not as exciting as doing it by the seat of my pants.  On the other hand, this was less frustrating than the Plot Twist Generator.

So, anyway, if you want a preview of what this generator will do, here’s some results:

  • Best Women Of Vancouver
  • Bizarre Stories of the South American Navy
  • Brazilian Cop
  • Brazilian Teacher
  • British Film
  • Confirmed Records of London
  • Confirmed Women Of New York
  • Fish Killer
  • France’s Next Top Boy
  • Husband Grandparents of France
  • I married a Millionaire: Britain
  • I married a Star
  • Japanese Computer Man
  • Miami Scalpers
  • North American Sister Change
  • Rescue Person
  • Sibling Academy
  • The Next Best Grandfather
  • The Queen of Lawyers
  • True Hunters Of France

– Steve