Resources To Support Female Geeks

(This column is posted at  Steve’s Tumblr)

After posting about chanting tech culture’s attitude towards women, I wanted to list the resources I found to support female geeks while working on my civic geek project (which I should update).  Find something for you and give them your support!

  • Computing
    • Anita Borg Institute – A historic institute to assist women in technical careers, fostering innovation by ensuring a broad range of people in technology. Provides a variety of services and ways to get involved.
    • Girl Develop IT – A nonprofit that provides accessible programs for women who want to learn coding.
    • Girls Teaching Girls To Code – A Bay Area program where women in CS teach Bay Area high school girls to code.
    • Grace Hopper Celebration – Produced by the Anita Borg institute, this is a celebration of women in computing.
    • Ladies Learning Code – A Canadian non-profit that focuses on helping people learn beginner technical skills in a comfortable, social way.
    • Made With Code – Promotes women in coding with projects, events, and mentoring. Has several alliances and supporters.
    • Mothercoders – An organization focused on helping mothers get tech-savvy and up-to-date for this economy
    • National Center For Women And Information Technology – Focuses on correcting gender imbalance in technology, and bringing the balance of diversity to the industry.
    • Rails Girls – A worldwide group that works to empower women with technology.
  • STEM
    • Geek Girl Dinners – Promotes geek girl friendly events, resources, and connection.
    • She’s Geeky – An SF Bay organization that provides events and and conferences around the USA for women in STEM.
    • Tech Girls Canada – Provides national leadership for the various industry groups in canada encouraging women in tech careers.
  • Video Games
    • Girls Make Games – A series of international summer camps encouraging girls to explore the world of video games.
  • Writing
    • Girls Write Now – Supports future female writers with mentoring, advice, and more.


– Steve