Her Eternal Moonlight Is Here!

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Her Eternal Moonlight,” the look at female fans of Sailor Moon that my co-author Bonnie have been working on for 16 months is out. Available in both ebook and physical format! You’ve been hearing about it – now it’s done and it’s something I’m proud of!  Seriously, take a look at this cover by the amazing Jennifer Cox.


Yes, it’s finished! After interviews, writing, rewriting, editing, and more this “psychological travelogue” of how Sailor Moon affected her female fans in North America is finished. So now it’s time to let the world know (and by the way, you can help with that, start sharing the links)

This was a pretty amazing experience; interviewing people, understanding their stories, looking for patterns, weaving it into a whole. It was also a humbling one as the Sailor Moon media phenomena changed lives – and the whole 90’s DiC dub was far more life-altering than I’d expected. Doing a book on how a TV show changed others changed me, to be frank.

So it’s done. Bonnie and I will be looking to speak on it at various events, depending on our schedules – and we’ve already got an idea for another pop culture impact book. We just won’t start that one until 2017 because we’ve got this one, and I kinda need a rest . . .

– Steve