Steve’s Update 9/17/2016

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I’m actually getting back to these!  Awesome!


Work should be a bit calmer now.  We had some changes in organization and process that look to be more efficient and effective, and it’s already paying dividends in just a week.  So let’s hope you see more writing out of me (though my goal is to be writing anyway).

So from here . . .

Her Eternal Moonlight

Her Eternal Moonlight is so close to release!  I’m really enthused about this, and as we get closer it feels so much more real.  Bonnie and I just finished recording a podcast as well!

Everything seems to be in shape despite a few last minute fixes.  Thank goodness for pre-readers and early reviewers because I misspelled two Japanese names (note, next time leave Japanese to Bonnie).  It is, essentially ready, I just have to push the buttons.  Which happens in less than 2 weeks.

The followup book on another big phenomena has been pretty much confirmed as going forward.  And no, you won’t know until the start of the year.  I’m thinking after writing two or three of these, Bonnie and I ought to write a how-to-book on doing them.

Next Way With Worlds Book

Way With Worlds Book 2 is still being edited, and I sink my teeth into it next month.  It’s definitely not going to be out until February, but I can’t see it being any later than March.

The “followup” works on Way With Worlds are underway.  As usually, not spilling much here (but you can find out a bit more in my newsletter if you’re really curious).  More and more I’m thinking it may be worth releasing early, but I don’t want to stress myself.  At this rate, I’d like to actually get people’s opinions – release it early or after Book 2?

I will say after all this I may take a break from writing on Worldbuilding.  Think I’ll have said my peace for awhile.


Random Creativity Book

So now that I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing on randomization and creativity, I’ve got to figure out just how to do it.  I probably won’t start brainstorming it for at least another month, to be honest.  What I want to do is distill all my wisdom from Seventh Sanctum into book form (hopefully, one book).  The hardest part is figuring out where to start and then how to put it in some organized form.

The second part?  A title.

Seventh Sanctum

Trying to find time to bang out the Pizza Generator as the data is all ready, so I can do something else.  I think having it hanging over my head kind of killed the fun and I need to move to another generator.  That happens.  Maybe I’ll revisit it another time.

But we must have random pizza, because who doesn’t want kimchi and bacon pizza with havarti?  Wait, that sounds good . . .


I’ve got a full slate coming up – be sure to check my speaking page!

Con-Volution is my next convention, and I’ll be speaking on worldbuilding and monsters on Friday!  Go, attend!


That’s it for me – what about you?

– Steve