Steve’s Update 6/12/2017

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It’s my weekly Scrum style standup for the audience – and as noted it’s now Monday, which helps a lot.  So where are we?

So what have I done the last week?

  • Way With Worlds Minibook #1: Editing is done and the cover is done!  So now its just time to format it and get ready to publish!
  • Way With Worlds Minibook #2: That’s been sent to the editor, who is paid, so not sure when I’ll get it back.
  • Way With Worlds Minibook #5: This is done.  It’s a book on “Worldbuilding Checkup” and is basically designed as a general coaching guide.
  • Way With Worlds Minibook #6: I’ve started this one, and need to flesh it out a bit more besides the general writing.
  • “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” The first draft of the plot is done – in fact, I’m rather pleased with it.  I plan to review it a few more times, but it’s more or less ready to go, so I can tackle Chapter #1 soon!
  • Writing: I’ve queued up my Agile and Writing posts for the week.

What am I going to do this week:

  • Way With Worlds Minibook #1: I’ll be formatting it for publication.  In theory it won’t take too long.
  • Way With Worlds Minibook #6:  Writing more of it, of course!
  • “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” I’ll review the plot and maybe start Chapter one.
  • Writing: Obviously queuing up more blog posts.  I’ve got a surprising amount ready.
  • Social: I’ll be speaking at Hydra Comic Con.

Challenges and blockers:

  • My allergies are back, so we’ll see how bad that hits me.
  • I realized I’ve not done any new generators – I might shift some priorities to do a fun one.

– Steve