Steve’s Update: 6/24/2018

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Good day everyone, what’s been up this week?

So what have I done the last week?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: The book is ready to go to the editor.  Just waiting to sync with her and it’s off!
  • Agile Creativity: The editor is back with the copy, all, you know, edited.
  • Blogging: The Brainstorm Book series next entry is done.  It’s going to be longer than I thought as I’m going to get into a few productivity tips.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Still working on the new plans – bluntly, I’m rethinking the nexus into something more “support creativity” oriented than general generators – while promoting all my fellow generator makers!
  • Instafreebie: Still doing those giveaways (check it out).

What am I going to do this week?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Send to the editor of course.
  • Blogging: More Brainstorm book stuff and another Avenoth post or two – those will probably start replacing some regular columns to give me a break.
  • Newsletter: Do my next Newsletter (You are signed up for my newsletter right?)
  • General: Still a lot of stuff to do behind-the scenes/bureaucracy wise.

Next month will be deliberately light for me, so I can get things ready for ABTTQP’s publishing and more.  Lots of setup!


– Steve