Steve’s Update 10/2/2022

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OK time for an update!

“Think Agile, Write Better”: Is out to me pre-reader, meaning a well-needed break. I am a little concerned it’ll need a lot of rewriting, but that’s the risk I take.

The Way With Worlds series: I plan to work on “Disaster Response” this month for a release this year. As for next year, I’ll probably do something fresh and go through my list – working on Disasters has been a little draining.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I redid a test launch to get my brain back on line. So now it’s just getting it out.

Fiction: I’m debating making an Avenoth RPG to do something with the propery..

Blog Compendium: I want to edit this now, so will look at it before the new year.

Creativity and Advice: Brainstorming ideas and seeing what comes, so there’s some fun things I’m considering!

Finally, giveaways:

Steven Savage