The Art of the Brainstorm Book

One of the career strategies I've used over the last year is one I call the Brainstorm Book.  It's a way to help stay on your life path, aim for your career goals, and keep inspired.  Though it takes a bit to explain, it's something I want to share as it's been extremely useful to me.

It's easier to describe the steps then describe the philosophy, so without any additional delay, let's go.

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Fan to Pro: Deeper Roots Than They Think

So it seems the Canadian Ministry of Education, as reported in yesterday's Links of the Day, has discovered the seemingly radical concept that people can take their hobbies and interests and turn them into careers. Learning specialized forms of software through personal pursuits, they noted, can make one more valuable on the job market.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

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News of the Day 5/2/2009

Why Toronto works for the creative class – I am biased as I go to Toronto a lot, but there are real lessons to be learned here – not just in how to run a city, but what to look for IN a city if you want to relocate.  To be honest the places that have it all are comparatively rare.

Media and Publishing:
More on retaining publishing personnel as curators – A thought for geek careerists – how far can we take the curator concept in the internet age?  With so much to track and sort, even non-publishing industries may need curators of some kinds.  All of you with library degrees may be able to apply yourself in new ways . . .

Is the Disney-Hulu deal bad for YouTube? Possibly – people do want their content control.  A slashdot post and discussion to fuel your speculations.  My take – I actually have a hard time guessing anymore, but i do see specialist communities and groups growing so I'm not sure where general video will go – but YouTube won't go away.

 - Steven "Curator" Savage