Dirty Mythbusting Jobs Versus Nature With Bizarre Foods in The Wild

I love Mythbusters.  That's a tame statement actually, but human vocabulary is limited.  Let's just say now and then when I fire up Netflix, the people I live with dread I'm going to watch some episode for the 3rd or … Continue reading

Convention Ideas: Meet the Teacher

The summary of the convention ideas series is here. So you want to add more professional stuff to your convention or conventions. Do you have any schools, colleges, educational facilities near you?  Then you've got a ton of potential guests … Continue reading

Convention Idea – Have Business Owners speak

The roundup of ideas for adding more professional events to conventions is here. Want someone to speak about careers and opportunities at your convention?  Sure you can hope to get some of the big names to speak, get that oddball … Continue reading

Convention Thoughts: Invite recruiters

More thoughts on how to make conventions more professional.  You can find my previous suggestions here, here, here, and here. When I attended Anime North 2009 I saw something odd that I hadn't expected – a youth recruiter was at … Continue reading