Go Farther: The next (big?) thing

Hoping to be the next JK Rowling, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, Gary Gygax, etc.?

I'm concerned in the wake of Harry Potter, and to a lesser extent Twilight, there's going to be efforts to duplicate the success of the same – with dismal results.  I already see people accused of being derivative of Stephanie Myer when they clearly weren't.  I see a lot of imitators of the above people, and little of the passion.

So what are people waiting for?  What's the next big thing (or small thing that feels big)  What does it need?

Synergy.  Three kinds in fact.

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Go Farther: Old comics and manga

Time for another "Go Farther" – looking at things we want to see in the geekonomy and general fannish and cool stuff.

I've mentioned this several times in the podcast and in the daily posts, but it bears repeating: I think companies with manga and comic properties need to seriously consider releasing older titles and issues online or on print-on-demand.

a lot of properties out there that would interest people for reasons of
history, curiosity, research, retro interests, etc.  The problem isgauging interests of people to see if it's worth dropping the cash to do a hard-copy publication.

My solution?  Twofold.

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Go Farther: Old Games

This is part of a new category of posts designed to explore business ideas, properties, etc. that we here at Fan To Pro think MORE can be done with.  The idea is to look at media properties, technology, games, entertainment, etc. that we wish the owners/authors/makers of did more with – and make suggestions.

The goal is to give you, the profan, more ideas, stimulate your imagination – and of course to get a few things off our chests.

My subject today?  Physical games.

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