PROMOTION: Captain Disaster Book!

1st December 2012 – Birmingham, UK: Indie adventure game developer Team Disaster have released a free eBook called “Captain Disaster: The Games, The Stories”, detailing the creation of the games so far, along with the original stories that inspired the games.  Get a behind the scenes look at how adventure games are created, from initial concepts, creating the game graphics, sound, music and voice acting, and some of the problems encountered along the way.  The eBook also contains a brand new Captain Disaster episode designed for children, and some extra information about adventure games that have inspired team members over the year.

Please feel free to distribute the eBook to others or host it on your own sites if you wish.

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About Captain Disaster

There are currently two Captain Disaster games in production – Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (planned as a commercial release by Screen 7 in 2013 Q4) and There’s a Hole in my Galaxy (planned for a freeware release in 2013 Q2).

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Here at Fan To Pro we want to help YOU become more aware of other projects out there for progeeks like yourself.  Well just as we were discussing how to do this, New Media Rights fell into our lap.  It’s legal assistance for gamers in convenient video form, and they’ve got a fundraiser campaign!  Check it out below!

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