Links Of The Day 8/27/2013

I think this kinda has returned as a feature, don’t you think?

If Media wants to survive it has to see readers as contributors.  So far I think attempts on this have been a mix of “no they’re passive consumers” mixed in with “let’s get them to do our work for us.”  Maybe you can change things.

Zuckerberg and Facebooks’ whole “everyone on the web thing” ought to learn from actual efforts.  Great analysis of Chicago’s efforts to wire neighborhoods and a real lesson for what it takes.

Barnes and Noble retail CEO sold off a lot of his stock.  Uh-oh.  Yes, that could signal an exit or something, but we know the book market has been kinda messy . . .

Apple seems damn serious about Apple TV.  Take a look at these deals.  Everyone seems serious about TV actually . . .

Why cities don’t want to host the Olympics.  And there’s plenty of good reasons.  If your city is making an Olympic bit, BE WARNED.