Promoting Professional Geekery #36 – Have A Book List

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OK you’ve got those must-read books, right?  And they’re really important to people’s careers.  You being the progeek that you are know what to read, and often tell people about it.

Of course I’m pretty sure you’re usually forgetting it.  Or adding to it – and forgetting it.  Or you’re not sure.  Or you forgot everything.

So here’s one of the simplest tips to help out progeeks – keep a list of the best books you’d recommend to your fellow geeky pros and share them with people.  A lot.  Yes, write it the heck down.

Yeah that’s . . . pretty much it.

Of course half the benefit of this is actually, truly, asking what is indispensable for people to read – and that alone is going to provide you a lot of benefit right there.  You’re not tossing off an exhaustive list, or a single book – you’re having to ask yourself “what is a reasonable list of books people should read.”

That question is going to help you help others.  It’ll also make you think seriously about the lessons you learned.

If possible, keep a copy of each book you’d recommend to lend out to people.  Just be sure to get them back.

What’s my progeek booklist?  I actually have three must-reads.

  • Me 2.0 by Dan Schwabel.  It may be a few years out of date but the basic concepts and ideas are strong.
  • Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.  The book everyone says you must read?  Is actually a must read guide to good networking.
  • The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search by Orville Pearson.  A rational, intelligent guide to a good job search.

So what’s in your list?

Steven Savage