In Defense of Boring Jobs

It's time to defend boring jobs.

Sure I want people to do the jobs that excite them.  I want people to have the kinds of careers that truly let them be themselves.  I want people to – let's face it – turn hobbies into lifelong occupations.

However there are times to do that boring job.  To work at that boring company.  In short, there are times to do things that aren't as exciting as your dream career – because they'll let you reach that career.

  • Perhaps that boring job lets you get valuable skills that you can use elsewhere.  In fact, maybe that job is one of the few jobs that lets you get those skills at all.
  • Those less-than-exciting jobs may let you have experiences that you'll rarely have anywhere else.  Perhaps you go to other countries, or work with technology that's not common.
  • That seemingly uninteresting job could let you make connections that you wouldn't anywhere else.
  • The mind-numbingly dull job you're facing can help you travel or relocate or get to know another area you may want to live.
  • The job you're suffering through may let you step up in your position to a level that would let you transfer your skills and knowledge to a more interesting job or company.

So, yes, we may face jobs that are boring.  But let's not knock them – sometimes that boring job is just what you need to get your more interesting career going.

Steven Savage