Career Sustainability – Talk Because It Changed

So the last two weeks, among the various other posts and interviews, I’ve been talking about Career Sustainability, the ability to know your career is going to keep paying the bills at the very least.

I think the point is that a lot of us need to be talking about it. On blogs, with people, in politics, here, in our communities.

I think we need to be discussing it because we’re stuck in a world of change. That’s a big hint, by the way.

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Career Sustainability And Your Passions

So last week I discussed Career Sustainability and why it was important. In short, Career Sustainability is about ensuring your career lasts to pay the bills, and I explored what it took.

Now in the spirit of Muse Hack, I’d like to specifically address how to tie your hobbies, passions, and interests into Career Sustainability. Your Geekery can be applied to keeping your career – and the money – going.

Admittedly if you’re already a fan-to-pro type this is probably old hat. But if you’re still syncing up your career and passions, or are still exploring options, these should give you some great ideas.

So all those areas I discussed last column, let’s see what you can do with your own geekiness . . .

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How To Work On Career Sustainability

Sustainability is a big thing to discuss, mostly as we watch a world of changing climate and resourcing issues come about there’s more awareness. It’s probably a few years behind, but its there.

Of course there’s other kinds of sustainability to discuss as well. We learned that an ever-inflating home markets are unsustainable. We’re learning that a blockbuster-driven Hollywood is unsustainable. Seems like a lot of stuff isn’t sustainable and we’re very surprised about that since people have only been warning us for ages.

(Do I sound bitter? I was mistrusting the housing market before it was cool. Oh gods, I’m an Econohipster.)

But out of our various looming disasters, I want to narrow down and discuss a kind of sustainability that we often miss -and that is illustrative of survivability, systems, and having a functional life.

Career sustainability.

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