How To Work On Career Sustainability

Sustainability is a big thing to discuss, mostly as we watch a world of changing climate and resourcing issues come about there’s more awareness. It’s probably a few years behind, but its there.

Of course there’s other kinds of sustainability to discuss as well. We learned that an ever-inflating home markets are unsustainable. We’re learning that a blockbuster-driven Hollywood is unsustainable. Seems like a lot of stuff isn’t sustainable and we’re very surprised about that since people have only been warning us for ages.

(Do I sound bitter? I was mistrusting the housing market before it was cool. Oh gods, I’m an Econohipster.)

But out of our various looming disasters, I want to narrow down and discuss a kind of sustainability that we often miss -and that is illustrative of survivability, systems, and having a functional life.

Career sustainability.

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