Cool Futurism: You Can’t Have Science Fiction Without Science

So as we come to the end of my posts on what happened to Cool Futurism, let’s go on and whack reality with the truth stick: Anti-Scientific attitudes really put a cramp in the Cool Future.

As naive, distant, and consumeristic as the Cool Future we remember from the Omni days was, it was all about the science. It was all special materials and computers and sexy tech. There was also a lot of reality in there, even if some ideas seem laughable or we’re proven wrong or were modified.

However, science really has taken a beating in American culture. Wether its denial of global warming despite the evidence, or the idea that a well-used theory like evolution is completely equal to Creationism, that vaccines are worse than diseases, or that smoking really isn’t bad for you, science was a might inconvenient for some folks. It gets questioned a lot – and of course the bizarre trend in America to blame teachers and education for everything didn’t help (you don’t support by education by acting like everyone doing it is a moocher out to destroy society).

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Cool Futurism: The Future Arrives In Ski Masks and Leather Jackets Bearing a Cross

Some time ago Serdar and I were discussing the revival of Omni and the loss of Cool Futurism. I had noted that Cool futurism’s ideas of unity were lost (or not practical), we missed the need for ourselves to evolve, and of course consumerism which made it easy to seem to buy the future. Of course there are other issues I still want to address because I feel there are distinct patterns we should study.

Another factor in the decline of Cool Fururism is it’s dark sibling, a form of Apocalyptic Futurism.

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More On The Omni Reboot

A look at its return, and at it’s past, and noting some of the oddities of its origins.

Serdar and I are discussing the past of “Cool Futurism” in one of our continuing dialogues, centering around Omni and its returns..  I noted we’ve lost the idea of unity, he noted how we missed our own problems, and I note any idea of the future requires self evolution.

– Steven