Adeptus Mechanicus Panicus

You know, when you worry life will imitate a deliberately over-the top dark science fiction game, you get a little bit philosophical.

In my case, the game is the Warhammer 40K game world, a delightfully dark setting of a grim future where humans, aliens, and psychic creations war endlessly and sell miniatures.  The setting mixes dismal, horrific, heroic, and in some cases parodic elements mocking all of its own content.  It winks and nods at you about just how crazy it can be.

In this setting, humanity is largely ignorant, part of a far-flung feudal empire.  Technology is mostly controlled by a separate organization, really almost an “internal” or allied empire, the Adeptus Mechanicus.  The Adeptus Mechanicus have their own culture, their own religion, and humanity both depends on them, yet treats them as separate – which the Mechanicus seem fine with.  They’re busy seeking knowledge and worshipping the Machine God . . .  and at that point I could go on for pages of insane detail.  Just hit up the Lexicanium.

Now the idea of humans ever letting technology out of their hands, of a separate culture controlling technology, sounds all grim and dark and b-movieish.  Except I see a less, grim, less over-the top, less miniature driven parallel being a real possibility, which concerns me.

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