More Amazon Licensed Fanfic Coming

Well it looks like Amazon started something (which Amazon is in the habit of doing), and more license-holders have signed on to their licensed fanfic plan.

Specifically they added Valiant Entertainment, which does not surprise me as Valiant has a fascinating history of ups, downs, morphing, and experiments.

What also is intriguing is this is fiction on comic properties – will Amazon be open to fancomics at some point?

How interesting is this?  Well, I tagged my calendar to help us track what’s up here.  In the areas of licensing, publishing, writing careers, and more this is going to get pretty interesting.

– Steven

Thoughts on Amazon and Fanfic, Part Two, Electric Boogaloo

So now that Amazon is going to try and publish fanfic, now that I’ve done my anal-retentive analysis, what do I think it means? What’s going to happen? What are the repercussions?

Now it may surprise you that I’m not going to make definite predictions. I’m going to look at probabilities/possibilities with a little bit of how we can make this positive.

Now, before I go on let me state that in general I am for this idea. I like the idea of less restrictive, more supportive approach to fanfics. I do support help getting people published. I would like to see more engagement in publishing. I can think of plenty of things that are bad and that can go wrong (which I’ll address later), but I am in general, for this idea.

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