Link Roundup 9/11/2013


Job seekers recruited via Social Media more likely to be hired. Not surprising really, but worth thinking about.


Steve found this about Meritocracy – this blog post notes it came from a satire, before going on to eviscerate sexism/classism/racism in text.  Remember that next time someone says they’re in a Meritocracy.


Lulu is adding new features – They include new templates and, according to their press release, “four new solutions for publishing e-books, each allowing authors to make their books available quickly and easily on tablets and e-readers through the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Bookstore and the Lulu Marketplace.” Notice that Amazon is conspicuous by its absence.

Try and follow this.  Tumblr’s book club picks a novel about a fangirl as it’s first book club pick.  First, congrats to the author on promoting such a subject and I’ve heard some good things on it, secondly Tumblr has a book club.  Wow.


Tivo moves to the cloud.  Sure it’s experimental, but they’ve got some foundation, lead, and alliances – and a need to save themselves from market changes.  Probably worth watching and there might be some good opportunities – though since everyone else is doing the streaming/TV/cloud thing who knows . . .

Video Games:

Ouya’s “Free The Games” is a bit of a debacle.  More here.  I’ll say again I treated the Ouya as more a milestone or experiment.  But this is kind of sad.

– Steven Savage

That Fanfic Line’s A-Blurring

Now that the Silo series by Hugh Howey is ending, he’s opening it up to fanfic on Kindle Worlds.  This is even more interesting as he cultivated his audience online.

I’ve begun speculating, as have my fellow MuseHackers, on just where fanfic is going to go now that Amazon is monetizing it.  This of course gets even more intereting when you ask about social pressure to “fanficify” your work, or ways alternate works could be made.  I mean if you think about it one book could been written and spawn FAR more fanfic than its original contents.

– Steven Savag

Amazon Will Publish Vonnegut Fanfiction

No.  Really.

Obviously the estate approved this.  I’m not sure what to think.  Come to think of it I’m not sure what Vonnegut would think.

So a few thoughts

I really didn’t see this coming.  Really.

I’m not sure Vonnegut is well known enough to be a big draw, I wonder if people who read Vonnegut will be that big on this,

Could this also introduce more people to Vonnegut?

I wonder how many properties owned by estates realize – or are realizing – that this could be big money.  Or authors who are “done” could find additional monetization.

Did I mentioned this weirded me out?  Yeah.

– Steven