That Fanfic Line’s A-Blurring

Now that the Silo series by Hugh Howey is ending, he’s opening it up to fanfic on Kindle Worlds.  This is even more interesting as he cultivated his audience online.

I’ve begun speculating, as have my fellow MuseHackers, on just where fanfic is going to go now that Amazon is monetizing it.  This of course gets even more intereting when you ask about social pressure to “fanficify” your work, or ways alternate works could be made.  I mean if you think about it one book could been written and spawn FAR more fanfic than its original contents.

– Steven Savag

Salon Talks Self-Publishing: From A Positive View

It’s no secret a lot of recent Salon articles have been negative towards self publishing.  Hugh Howey takes a broader view on why it’s great.  He notes it may not be perfect, but it’s one where you hone your craft as you earn and that the old model had it’s problems

– Steve