Careers in Japan

Quartz looks at just how tough it is in Japan.  Extremely meticulous, and it doesn’t fit the careers many young people have had in a more erratic economy.  Worth reading to see how other people handle CVs.

Makes me wonder how hard it is to get hired as an anime director.


– Steven Savage

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Culture Smash: Canadian Performer Brings Japanese Storytelling Art to North America

In what sounds like a plot to a great unexpected hit anime, Greg Robic of Toronto studied the Rakugo, a kind of humorous storytelling art that mixes original and traditional work.  Now he’s on tour.  His stage name is Katsura Sunshine, which really has “Manga title” all over it.

Now this is following your passion, learning your trade, and doing something with it.

He’s on tour.  I’m hoping for a video.

– Steven

Free Office, Go Japan – News from 2/28/2011

Intel is supporting LibreOffice, another MS Office OS alternative. That’s a big name signing on to the project, and another reason for people to pay attention. TAKEAWAY: Between Open Office and LibreOffice, and with the move to Apple products and Android, how much Marketshare will Microsoft loose?

Man I love it when the Wall Street Journal uses the word “Otaku.” Japan’s Economy Minister is doing his bit to promote Akihabara. Presented for both amusement, and a reminder of the (seemingly erratic) attempts of Japan to promote itself as a culture engine. TAKEAWAY: I think the culture engine idea actually is quite good for Japan, but someone needs to leverage it much better. That, by the way, is a hint.

Steven Savage