Frustration Friday: Not Everything Has To Be Everything

Frustration Friday: Not everything has to be everything

If its a book, it must be a movie.

if it's a movie, it could be a TV series.

if it's a comic, it could be a game.

Look, seriously World Media, I love adaptions.  I love media synergy.  I'm all for it – I mean come on, aren't I the one always pushing for more cross-media work?  Aren't I the guy always speculating on what new technology and media means, and how we should look to Japan for ideas of what to do?

But you know, I think we've got to ask ourselves if some of these media translations and crossovers and the like are a good idea.  I of course speak of things like The Last Airbender film, which is dismal.  And the A-Team film which really has no where else to go.  And The Last Airbender Film.  OK, you get my drift here.

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