50 Shades Of Resume #36: The Multimedia Experience

Resume 36

Kieth Montalbo’s resume catches your attention because of the huge pop-culture media collage on the left side. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt of media, characters, and styles, and is frankly kind of fun to pick through.

Of course after you see it you notice he’s got an entire resume going on here, mixing straight up resume and artistry. Let’s see what we can learn from it:

  • First of all, let’s get the giant collage out of the way – it shows his abilities, interests, and is an attention-getter. Does it work? Simply, yes.
  • Beyond the spectacular collage, he has a consistent color scheme and design going that shows more design skills – the “resume” part of the resume also shows his abilities.
  • The “informal” fonts used for headers is a nice addition. It keeps up the semi-formal feel of the resume.
  • The skill section, using the classic “bar” approach works well in this design, working well and consuming limited space. It also works as this is a non-standard resume.
  • The experience section is light on details, but nice and simple, and reflects the other elements of the design. Normally I’d put dates, first but I think this style works – the dates wouldn’t work in the lighter green.

A few things I’d change:

  • Not sure the education section works. The fonts are a bit small. However I do feel some kind of icons or art elements are needed to break the “resume” section up.
  • Not sure the seminar section is needed, and it might be better done combined with the education.
  • I’d also put education and such lower on the resume. Though in this case I think the education section near the top somehow works, probably as it breaks things up.
  • This might be a hard resume to update.

As a note though I think the “collage” works I think anyone attempting to do the same would have to make sure it works with their style, skill, and resume. It’s not just the collage, but everything else has to hang together. In this case it does. ┬áThe collage is cool and telling and shows talent – but it’s part of a good resume.

This is also a resume that I think would work good with a portfolio and business card of similar design. It would be a real “unified brand.”

Steve’s Summary: This resume shows a lot of detail, in a fun manner – and pretty much shows what he can do right away. Definitely one I’d like to see, though I would probably want some more career detail.

[“50 Shades of Resume” is an analysis of various interesting resumes to celebrate the launch of the second edition of my book “Fan To Pro” and to give our readers inspiration for their own unique creations.]

– Steven Savage

Frustration Friday: Not Everything Has To Be Everything

Frustration Friday: Not everything has to be everything

If its a book, it must be a movie.

if it's a movie, it could be a TV series.

if it's a comic, it could be a game.

Look, seriously World Media, I love adaptions.  I love media synergy.  I'm all for it – I mean come on, aren't I the one always pushing for more cross-media work?  Aren't I the guy always speculating on what new technology and media means, and how we should look to Japan for ideas of what to do?

But you know, I think we've got to ask ourselves if some of these media translations and crossovers and the like are a good idea.  I of course speak of things like The Last Airbender film, which is dismal.  And the A-Team film which really has no where else to go.  And The Last Airbender Film.  OK, you get my drift here.

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Game Tie Ins And Media Synergy

After our recent article on Harlequin getting into gaming (making me feel good about my own predictions ) I began thinking that my own theories had been a bit too limited.

Harlequin's game was a hidden object mystery game – not a DateSim, which I speculated would more fit the audience.  This made me realize I'd not given enough thought to other gaming/media tie ins.  So I'd like to speculate what else could work – and encourage you progeeks out there to think just what kinds of games and what kinds of media could work.

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