Operating System Battles: Not what we think?

I recently moved to a Macintosh for my major home computer.  It does everything I need it to do, comes with my preferred web development language and server I can use for development, and lacks a lot of the problems I got tired of with Windows.  Simply, after evaluating everything, I realized I wasn't going to count on Windows 7 to fix issues, and liked the consumer-electronic focus of the Mac.

Of course, I also use a Windows Netbook from Asus that, as readers know, I quite adore.  Its small, fast, and efficient, and was very cheap.  Since I don't use it for excessive amounts of activity (mostly travel and writing), I keep it set up for limited use, with plenty of security, to avoid problems with Windows.

Then there's my cell phone, and I'm looking at Android . . .

The point of all this?  I think the idea that people are "dedicated" to one Operating System of any one kind is ridiculous, and is probably going away.  OK Hopefully IS going away.

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