Debating A Podcast

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I’ve been debating starting a podcast. Yes, I know we’re all locked indoors so probably everyone is thinking of starting a podcast. But this is going beyond being stir-crazy.

Anyway I was thinking that ta podcast could be pretty interesting. Plus yeah, there’s that missing human contact thing.

First, I have a lot I can talk on. It probably wouldn’t be careers, but I could speak on a variety of creative subjects.

Secondly, it would be a good compliment to my blogging. I’d probably replace a few blog posts with podcasts instead, say one every other week or something.

Third, it would be a new challenge. I could learn podcasting technology. I might even do it by video as well to have double the audience.

Fourth, it would open a new world. There’s lots of great podcasts I listen to, I might eventually team up with people or suppor good ones.

So just a few thoughts going around. If you want, message me and give me your feedback.

Steven Savage

Suddenly I’ve Discovered Podcasts

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For a long time I really didn’t get into podcasts. Sure, I did a few, but that was about it. I’m not sure why – I guess I figured I had enough media to consume or that it’d be distracting, since many people I know listened to them while doing something else.

However, a friend turned me on to some interesting political and cultural podcasts. That made me realize I should also take a look at writer’s podcasts. Then game design podcasts (a side interest of mine).

And now, I’m listening to them all the time. They’re great for when I’m working out, or taking a walk, or doing things like stat-crunching that don’t always engage my language center.

What’s stunning to me, as a sudden podcast-arriver, is just how much really good stuff is out there. Really, I’ve been too far behind the curve.

This is a good reminder to keep trying new things, keep exploring, and keep asking.  New tools, new books, new technology are all out there, and some of it is probably damned good.  A little curiosity goes a long way, and takes you even further.

It’s also a reminder that, sometimes, you can’t try new things.

I had a lot going on.  My media consumption habits didn’t always fit podcasts.  I had other priorities.  Maybe I needed to try podcasts earlier, but simply I selected my priorities.

So keep an open mind, but also pace yourself.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  You can’t be on top of everything.

Now as for writing podcasts I’d recommend?

Self-Publishing Journeys – With author Paul Teague.  He shares his plans and experience self-publishing weekly.  It’s fun, human, intimate, and provides real knowledge.

Write Minded – A nice varied podcast on writing that ranges on many subjects.  Even if one doesn’t fit you, the next one may!  Plus they get some surprising guests!

Give them a shot!

Steven Savage

Crossroads Alpha Podcast!

Over at Crossroads Alpha, the gang has started doing a regular podcast.  It’s a “deep dive” on various subjects.  In this case the first episode is about Auterism and Individual Vision.  I’m biased, but I was pretty happy with the depth of conversation, from Wendy And Richard Pini to great Japanese Directors, to David Lynch.

First go on over and get it at iTunes!

You can find us at Talkshoe!

There’s also an RSS feed!


– Steven Savage