Why Local Politics Matter When You Relocate

Right now there's a lot of talk about Arizona's recent immigration laws – as well as additional laws and policies following it.  To summarize as easy as I can:

  • The governor signed a bill that extended police power to detain/question people over citizenship with reasonable suspicion.  The interpretation of this – and some potential modifications – make it more complicated.  The law is quite controversial as it seems to invite profiling (though people I know in Arizona says it's less change than people may think).
  • A bill that would limit ethnic studies (and oddly lump it in with other things)
  • An education department policy on teachers with accents that could lead to teachers being fired or limited in teaching.  I find this ridiculous as I live in an area with tons of accents.

Yes, if you read about these laws, you'd get the impression that there's some racial and ethnic animosity here.  I sadly come to the same conclusion, am sure that this is going to be a giant political powderkeg, and that there will be much fallout in the future. 

But ask yourself this (before I turn this into a Frustration Friday), would you have heard of this if it wasn't national news?  I don't think you would.

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Frustration Friday: Cult Misses

You'll notice that though I talk economics in this blog, I am careful around the subject of politics.  In some cases, where politics intersects economics (which really is in most cases), I also am cautious about what I discuss.

So for a moment let me throw some caution to the wind and watch it blow away.

I'd like to discuss my caution.

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