Muse Hack Posting – Guardian Comics

Ethan of Guardian Comics is looking for an author!  He needs a lead story writer who can work with him, write dialogue, and give good directions to an artist.  He needs the kind of writer who can not just create a script, but explain everything so the artist will know what to draw and there won’t be miscommunication.  Talent and imagination is more important than experience.  Right now this would be unpaid, but royalties will be part of the negotiation.  You can reach him at ethan(at)!

– Steven Savage

Hello to My New Readers

Well, hello to all you newcomers.  Looks like the blog and my cousin Mark mentioning my article on Neil Armstrong got a lot of attention.  Oh, have I mentioned Mark is an awesome photographer and you should give him money?  OK, now I have.

Well for all you newcomers, this is the just-revised site of Steven Savage, geek literatus, raconteur of culture and technology, and Program Manager/nerd wrangler.  I decided to make it more interactive, added a blog, redid it a bit, etc.  It’s still under revision.

It ALSO gives me a chance to play with technology more – which is something I strongly advise doing.  It’s way, way too easy to loose touch with technology, and we have to make efforts to keep up with it usefully.

So thus the revised website.  It’s also why I put Android on an Eee PC.  It keeps me in touch with an all-too ephemeral, all-too taken for granted set of wonderful tools and inventions.

But as for me, I’ve had a long day so it’s time for one of my favorite snacks (low-fat peanut butter between two lightly heated corn tortillas) and a nice time with a book.

Stick around – I’ve got a lot more coming . . .

– Steven Savage

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