Promoting Professional Geekery #11: Career Track

Last week I suggested that, to help promote professional geekiness and the fan-to-pro idea, that you speak at a convention and share your knowledge (or at least horror stories).  OK, so far so good, maybe you're even doing that.

So let's take it farther and reach even more people.

I want you to go to a convention and inspire/run/create a career TRACK.

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Promoting Professional Geekery #4: Start The Damn Blog!

Well it's quite a good week to be focusing on one of my favorite subjects – promoting professional geekery, the idea that people can (and in many cases) should turn what they love into a career.  It's "Speak Out With Your Geek Out" and let me focus on #4: Starting The Damn Blog.

Why not just Starting The Blog?  Because you (and others) have thought about a blog so often that it's not just "the blog I want to start" it's "the damn blog I should get to."

So, start it.

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Promoting Professional Geekery #3: Help Out Recruiters

So you want to promote professional geekery, the idea of doing what you like as a hobby, the idea that what YOU love can be a profession.  There's other people who are glad to promote people's careers too, the recruiters.

Know what?  They need help.  They need your help.

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