And here we go again . . .

Looks like Anonymous teamed up with Wikileaks to release a load of hacked emails taken from Stratfor.  Admittedly we’re all a bit numb to hack news these days, but there’s a few important takeaways.

  • It’s Anonymous teaming up with Wikileaks.  Even in it’s worn-down state, Wikileaks has reach and this may revive them.
  • Stratfor has some big name clients – I’ve been seeing analysis of what’s come up drift around the internet today.
  • Any security or intelligence company is a target, because of A) clients, and B) being about security/intelligence is seen as some as an invitation to try it out.  That’s a powerful combination.
  • We might see another wave of hacks, the article hints at.
  • Hacking is slowly becoming a norm.  It seems it’s not as unusual anymore.
  • I suspect every hack out there just increases the market for security firms and IT security personnel.

Steven Savage