How A Helpful Letter Produced A Firestorm

OK, clearly I missed the whole Shea Gunther drama, so let me recap.

  • Monday, Mr. Gunther sends out an email to people who applied to a job for a cleantech news site, listing criticisms and giving advice on the job search process. It hit the newsat the Guardian.
  • This hit the Gakwer network, who posted it in a rather negative context.
  • This produced what we technically call a “shitstorm” and Mr. Gunther ended up with a predictable amount of trolls and insults – as well as people praising him. Though the usual dogpile of would-be internet tough guys/gals is odd to see as this is about job search advice, and I don’t get why it’d get people that riled up.  Mr. Gunther summarizes the experience here.
  • You can read his entire list of advice in this Scribd document.

I’ve read it Know what? It’s good advice. In fact, I advise that anyone read it, as his tips are accurate, if skewed towards the writing positions in question. Mr. Gunther lists a whole lot of trends that are troublesome, gives advice, and makes good points about what people do wrong.

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